IMS Vision

To be a centre of excellence in applied research and innovation in mathematics and mathematical sciences and to highly contribute to the quality of teaching of mathematics.


IMS Mission

The institute exists to nurture the growth of mathematical expertise among research scientists by fostering fundamental and multidisciplinary research and consultancies in areas of applied mathematics and mathematical sciences and to improve the teaching and learning of Mathematics.



Excellence, life-long learning, research, innovation, integrity and service to society



  1. Promote and stimulate researches in new frontiers of mathematics.
  2. Build coherent and focused research teams to conduct research in well-defined and interrelated areas of mathematical sciences.
  3. Foster and promote the advancement and communication of fundamental knowledge in mathematics and the mathematical sciences, through scholarly activities such as publications, conferences, research workshops, colloquium lectures and research seminars. IMS will support the publication of newsletters, journal articles, books, preprint series, and lecture note series.
  4. Encourage and support multidisciplinary research in areas that utilise mathematics and statistics.
  5. Establish programs to support early career mathematics researchers
  6. Promote academic exchanges internationally.
  7. Establish a visiting Scholar Program to invite highly active and internationally rated mathematics researchers.
  8. The Institute will collaborate with business and industry to carry out applied research by actively seeking solutions to mathematical and computational problems arising in industry and financial sectors.
  9. Offer postgraduate education in mathematical sciences.
  10. Serve as the Mathematics Learning Support Centre, providing support to students of all disciplines and at all stages, who require some knowledge of mathematical and/or statistical methods to fully engage with their programmes of study.
  11. Conduct research and promote enhancement of the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Statistics in the University, and at regional and international levels.
  12. Cultivate in the larger society awareness and appreciation of the beauty, power and importance of mathematical ideas and ways of understanding the world.
  13. Sustained income generation through applied-research contracts, grant procurement and consultancy income.
  14. Develop into an international centre of excellence in mathematics research.

Contact Details

Madaraka Estate
Ole Sangale Road, PO Box 59857,
00200 City Square
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 0703-034144, 0703-034321